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Atmosphere // Vilhelm Hammershøi:  Støvkornenes dans i solstrålerne  (1900) 

Atmosphere // Vilhelm Hammershøi: Støvkornenes dans i solstrålerne (1900) 


We strongly believe that architecture and spatial design are an important component of any successful therapeutic concept. We aim to explore how our approach can extend the common understanding of the function of architecture in hospital settings by focusing our attention on detailed aspects of the spatial atmosphere to enable the architecture to make an active contribution to the healing process.



Our projects actively investigate the relationship between space, atmosphere and the psyche. We apply the results of our theoretical explorations in designing and advising other in the creation of new psychiatric facilities.





Our method is based on the conviction that truly functional architecture can only be achieved through a close cooperation between the people creating a space – its architects and designers – and those inhabiting the space – its "users", therapists, patients and their families. For this reason, we believe it is necessary to provide sufficient leeway for meetings and open interdisciplinary exchange upon which results-based designs can be created.