PSYCH.RAUM was founded in 2014 by psychiatrist Dr. Martin Voss and architect Jason Danziger based on a cooperation begun in previous years to create a new psychiatric ward in Berlin.

Our goal is to investigate the interaction between architecture and mental health, as well as the practical application of lessons learned through the architectural design of new therapeutic facilities.

We offer – in addition to the theoretical discourse – comprehensive advice in construction projects or renovations of any kind in the context of therapeutic devices – from interdisciplinary planning through to effective implementation.

Jason Danziger, M. Arch (MIT)

Architect BDA, Founder of thinkbuild architecture

Jason Danziger is an architect focused on user-oriented and conceptually driven design. The spaces designed by him have a supportive effect on the activities that take place within whether for work, play, learning, living, or healing. His work has been published extensively and in 2015 he was awarded the BDA-Berlin Prize.

Martin Voss, MD, PhD

Consultant Psychiatrist                           Charité Psychiatric University Clinic at St. Hedwig's Hospital

Martin Voss is a consultant psychiatrist at the Department of Psychiatry, Charité University Medicine and St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin. In 2013 he founded and has led the Soteria Berlin. In addition to his clinical work, he is a lecturer at the Charité Berlin and an internationally recognized scientist.